San Francisco Fishing Charters - Flash Fishing Report

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San Francisco Fishing Charters - Flash Fishing Report

Post by Bob Fisher » Sun Feb 25, 2007 1:39 am

Just finished up 4 days of fishing. The conditions are greatly improving but the sturgeon bite is returning slowly . I saw water
temp as high as 55.2 degrees and plenty of fish. We lost a big fish on Saturday did well yesterday. I saw some classic sturgeon bites missed on Jeremy’s “Fishinsturgeon” Kangas birthday trip ( a few Coastsiders aboard) but that is a whole nother story. All I can say is it was a lot of fun. Only small bass no big ones. Overall I know of a few sturgeon landed but you had to put in your time and be in the right place at the right time. Yesterday half of my crew decided to pass due to the weather. I tried to talk the last gentleman and his 10 year old son to pass on the trip because of the 10 to 20 winds and the slow bite. Sean could not talk his son into going one another day. Normally I need 4 to go but I didn’t want to break
the 10 year old boys heart so off the three of us went. I went over to Port Chicago found some fish and put my bow into the wind. After about a dozen bass 10 year old Ariane Khomejany from Tiburon had a limit of bass. 26” 7 lb and a 25” 6 lb. Dad Sean Khomejany landed a 65” 68 lb sturgeon. All the fish were fooled with JPS! The sturgeon bite was very very light! This was Sean’s first sturgeon and Ariane’s first bass. Sean and I both thanked the boy for talking us into going. I will be back on the water when the weather gets better.

Capt. Steve Talmadge
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