Fishing Cape Cuvier in the Seventies

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Fishing Cape Cuvier in the Seventies

Post by Bob Fisher » Mon Apr 17, 2006 7:59 pm

Fishing Cape Cuvier in the Seventies

I just finished scanning in my oldest batch of Cape Cuvier photos from the seventies. I also found an example of my most successful and favourite lure from that trip. I just took a photo of it and I've included it in the photo gallery. It's a chrome sliced lure - a Halco Sparkler in red - and on that first afternoon at Camp Rock I caught Mackeral, Tuna and Queenfish and also got busted off numerous times... That lure was relatively cheap, extremely simple but effective. Sometimes I think we need to get back to basics. ... &AlbumID=1

On this trip I had the whole place to myself. I had read about it in the fishing mags for a couple of years and could stand it no longer. With little preparation, I jumped in the 1974 202 Holden HQ Kingswood sedan and drove straight up there from Perth. When I got to Camp Rock (the following is no exaggeration) I literally climbed out, tied on a lure, cast out and hooked a fish. And that's how it was for the rest of the afternoon. The water was dead calm, crystal clear and the bait was right in close up against the rocks. Mackeral and Trevally could be seen swimming up and down about 30-40 metres out in front...
HALCO SPARKLER.jpg (28.32 KiB) Viewed 4166 times
Bob Fisher with a Broad Bar Spanish Mackeral with the (underside) of a Halco Sparkler in the corner of it's mouth
BROAD BAR.jpg (44.2 KiB) Viewed 4164 times
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Post by barra_on_fly » Fri Apr 13, 2007 9:05 am

Don't you love those purple patch days!
I had one in Darwin harbour with GT's, Goldens and various reef fish on a not very interesting outcrop in 2 m water. Tried every lure in my (considersably smaller back then) tackle box and caught a fish on every one. I got like that because we made a rule of 1 fish per lure just to liven it up! Halco twisties, small scorps, spearheads, imitation spearheads.... All worked!
Had a few similar days in the Pilbara with Mangrove Jacks, not monsters but huge fun! Love the Jacky - Jackies!

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