Fishing Exmouth 1960's

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Fishing Exmouth 1960's

Post by Bob Fisher » Sat Mar 08, 2008 1:08 am

Nor West Cape

Below is a pic of me fishing at Exmouth in the 1960's. I remember it well. My Dad and My Uncle Jimmy were working on a project, some outdoor lighting at a sports field or something like that. (They were both electricians) We were staying in the caravan park at Exmouth... There were also American sailors in the park at that time as well. They had left-hand drive cars and conversion vans that had been shipped across from the States. I saw my first Mercury Cougar there. My Dad and my Uncle stayed up late at night drinking and chatting with them. I listened in awe to their tales of the huge fish that they caught off the naval jetty. One day my uncle took me out to this spot on the western side of the Cape. (Somewhere in the Cape Range National Park) We went along a track until we came to a fence... We followed the fence down to the water and fished off the beach. We were using good sized sinkers and big chunks of squid for bait. After I while I got tired of holding the rod I walked up the beach and stuck the rod in the sand. I still remember watching the rod and reel getting dragged down the beach towards the water. My uncle ran after it, grabbed it and played the fish for a while before being broken off.

Exmouth Gulf

What is vague to me now is a another spot that we fished inside the gulf. There was a prawning factory there with a lot of effluent being pumped out into the water. We caught a stack of nice whiting and some big flathead from the beach at that spot...

OK It was bugging me. I knew I wasn't just imagining it so eventually found it on Google...
The Group established a processing facility in 1962 prior to the establishment of the town of Exmouth. The facility allowed the refueling of vessels, unloading & processing of prawns which became a self sufficient community. In the early 70’s the government requested the facility and adjacent community relocate to allow for the re-commissioning of the Learmonth Airbase. ... fault.aspx

This is the earliest photo that I have of me fishing. However, my earliest recollection is fishing with my Dad and my Uncle Ron for tailor in a rented rowboat down near Crawley on the Swan River somewhere...
fishmaster fishing from the beach at Exmouth in the 1960's. Tackle used was one-piece solid fibreglass rod with cheap reel and heavy line.
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