Fish Posession your home!

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Fish Posession your home!

Post by Islander » Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:17 pm

Yep - it had to come I guess.
Media Releases
Changes to fishing regulations now in force
Date: Friday, 30 May 2008
New rules around the finfish possession limit at a person’s principal place of residence and changes to bag limits for people fishing from charter boats have come into force today.

Department of Fisheries Principal Management Officer, Nathan Harrison said the changes had previously been announced, but they have now formally become part of regulations for demersal finfish species.

“These new rules are part of a number of interim changes announced last year, which is a separate process to the current review of recreational fishing management,” Mr Harrison said.

“The outcomes of the current review, that was initiated to help reduce the fishing pressure on some of the State’s most vulnerable fish species, will soon be released.”

Possession limits

Mr Harrison said from today the general finfish possession limit would now apply to a person's principal place of residence and this change was in effect across Western Australia.

The possession limit per person, for finfish, has not changed and will remain at:

* 20kg of fillets of fish; or
* 10kg of fillets plus one days bag limit of whole fish; or
* 2 days bag limit of whole fish.

“20kg of fillets equals approximately 100 meals of fish, so the possession limit in the State still enables recreational fishers to bring home a substantial quantity, but they must not store any more finfish than the now universal possession limit allows for,” he said.

Changes to Charter Boat Limits

Mr Harrison said the new regulation for clients of fishing tour operators, in force from today, would also assist in managing the take of "high risk" demersal finfish species.

“The individual mixed daily bag limit for Category One Fish has been reduced from seven to four for recreational anglers, when they fish from charter boats.

“We trust that all recreational fishers will not put themselves at risk of prosecution and that they will support concerns about the long term survival of the State’s finfish stocks and always fish for future.”
So - now I guess, we need to ask a LOT of clarifying questions, of Fisheries Dept - about this home possession limit.

1. Do you need to keep a receipt from the supermarket for fish you purchase at Woolworths, to prove you didn't catch it recreationally?

Maybe your having a garden wedding at your h9ome for your daughter and have bought in a heap of seafood for a big wedding breakfast with guests - and just before the big celebration - you get busted by Fisheries becauise you have too much fish in your home freezer?

2. Is this possession limit / head for the home - i.e. you have a family of 5 you can keep 100 kilo's at home?...what if your child studies away from home at say bording college, but comes home for weekends and holidays - does her 20 kilos count or not?...

3. Must it all be kept in fillets over 30 cm long with skin and scales left on, labeled with the date and species and name of angler who caught it as all rec caught fish presently must be identified during transport?

Does this mean you can no longer prepare fillets skinless and into small parcels ready to quickly defrost cook and eat - in your own home as a result of the new home possession limit?

The legislation as quoted above doesn't specify any difference between purchased fish and recreationally caught fish - it is a general fish possession limit
finfish possession limit at a person’s principal place of residence
Mr Harrison said from today the general finfish possession limit would now apply to a person's principal place of residence and this change was in effect across Western Australia.

The possession limit per person, for finfish, has not changed and will remain at:

* 20kg of fillets of fish; or
* 10kg of fillets plus one days bag limit of whole fish; or
* 2 days bag limit of whole fish.
There is no differentiation here between fish purchased at a retail fish outlet and recreationally caught fish - it refers to all fin fish so now it is illegal to go and BUY, Transport or STORE 21 kilos of fish from your fishmonger.

Whats this fricken world coming too.

Better make SURE that you haven't got 20 or more kilos of BAIT fish in your freezer - you know a few cryo-vac packets of rigged gardies as sailfish baits, some sardines, Pilchards, Anchovies, Whitebait etc etc - all fin fish and ALL a part of your ALLOWED home storage limit of 20 kilos!

4. What if you run a fishing lodge on an island?

How much fish can you store? the clients count as a per head quota of 20 kilo's - even tho clients come and go all year or can you only store 20 kilos per head of family who live there full time?

Wheres the explanation of these fricken new rules?

How do you introduce new rules yet no write or advertise to let people know and not provide FULL explanation notes as to the interpretation of the new rules?

5. Discrimination.
How can a recreational angler keep 7 cat 1 fish per day on his own boat but only 4 cat 1 fish if he is on a charter boat?

How can the same person be treated differently depending on which vessel he is on?

Doesn't this legislation fail the anti discrimination laws test?

Shouldn't a ruling be obtained form the commissioner for anti discrimination?

I see a LOT of former charter clients who would have saved a few bucks and left their boat at home, and taken a charter up north - who will NOW bring their boat along because they can keep MORE fish each day in their own boat!

Charter operators are now being discriminated against.

I see an AWFUL lot wrong with these new rules - and thats just on the surface without investigating them fully and in detail.

A) no consultation at all with stakeholders -

B) Discriminatory legislation

C) Arbitrary decisions with no published research to back them up.

D) The end effect upon finfish TAC (Total Allowable Catch) under the new IFM (Integrated Fishery Management) principles, will effectively mean that recreational historical cath effort ratios will be reduced and when it comes time to divvy up the TAC between indigenous Professional and Recreational (including charter ops) - we will see the Pros now getting the lions share of the resource as a direct result of this arbitrary decision.

IFM principles of Catch allocation % ages makes NO ALLOWANCE at all for increases in recreational angling numbers. When anglers numbers double our bag limits will further halve again!

This will keep on going until eventually - in order to be ALLOWED to go out and catch a fish - we rec and charter boat owners - will have to BUY BACK from the Pro's a %age of THEIR TAC allocation at going market rates - to cope with increased rec angler numbers.

Effectively we will be paying the pros - to sit at home and NOT fish, so that we can retain our existing right to catch a feed iof fish now - all because we did NOTHING to stop these arbitrary bag limit reductions by the Fisheries minister.

In effect he is arbitrarily re-allocating the lions share of the fin fish stocks to the professional fishers ahead of the introduction of IFM management principles.

I smell a rat - a dirty big one - to my mind the minister may have been "bought off" by the pros - probably thru graft or corruption or substantial donations to the party machine coffers.

Rec Fishers are walking blindly into an ambush - they are being taken to the cleaners / sold a pup/ swallowing the whole hook line & sinker, if they fall for this crap style / form of management, that is NOT backed by sound science.

Wheres the science to back the rec category 1 reduction from 7 to 4 fish on a charter boat, while retaining 7 on a recreational boat?

This is a total crock of crap - it is time the peak Anglers body - and a few of the bigger sport fishing clubs took out court injunctions against this Fisheries minister!

He should be FORCED to publicly release whatever dodgey science he is making these decisions based on...I suspect they are more about political donations - than about preserving fish for the future.

I fact Anglers SHOULD actively Boycott the new rules until they are withdrawn and proper consultation and research is carried out, published and the public have a chance to comment.

Meanwhile the pros are laughing all the way to the bank....

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Publicly Vindicated

Post by Islander » Wed Jan 07, 2009 3:22 am

I don't post about things like "official corruption" within our state Fisheries dept lightly!

Lots of people who don't know any better, assume I'm just spouting off and don't know what I'm on about!

Facts are its a serious issue for me!

Back in the WA Inc era days - I testified in the supreme court against "Davey brown paper bag Parker" the deputy premier of the state at the time, and two of my CALM colleagues for "official corruption" - the two CALM guys getting 18 months and 3 years respectively.

It's an issue I take VERY seriously!

In my post above I suggested that the previous Fisheries Ministers decisions, weren't based on science and that I suspected (knew for a fact of) official corruption...within the Fisheries Department behnd the arbitrary decsions favouring the pros that were beng made.

Well - I have been vindicated publicly on this issue and just wanted to post a link to the article and quote a little from it. ... tID=115936
Disgusting proof of WA fish carnage covered up

4th January 2009, 10:30 WST

These are photographs the former State government deemed too damaging to the WA fishing industry’s reputation to make public.

Captured on a lonely stretch of the North-West’s 80 Mile Beach by a helicopter pilot, they show the remains of hundreds of sharks dumped illegally after being caught in nets and having their fins sliced off for sale in Asian restaurants.

But the culprits weren’t foreign fishermen plundering our ocean’s stocks. They were home-grown licensed operators and so far no one involved has been prosecuted.

“Had that story gone international it was horrific enough for our (industry) competitors to use against us,” former fisheries minister Jon Ford revealed yesterday. “I thought it was bad enough to get us kicked out of the European market. The department ummed and ahhed about releasing pictures, but it was decided it would be too damaging to our reputation.”

Mr Ford was the minister in March last year when he was shown these and other more disturbing images of what had taken place on the pristine beach between Broome and Port Hedland over several weeks. There was also evidence that protected sawfish had been netted and dumped in dunes near a commercial fishing camp.

The minister’s response was to revoke the licences of two fishermen and demand the Department of Fisheries launch a prosecution case. Ten months on, no charges have been laid.

“The water off 80 Mile Beach is one of the few viable breeding grounds for the endangered sawfish and they were being caught and dumped as part of a threadfin salmon fishing operation,” Mr Ford told The West Australian.

“We talk about the illegal foreign fishermen, but what surprised me was the domestic side of things.”

Mr Ford’s comments follow a report from the Australian Institute of Criminology warning of the threat posed by organised crime to WA’s multi-million-dollar fishing industry. Most at risk are high-value abalone, pearling and rock lobster markets.

“The black markets in WA will get worse as the world’s fishing stocks dry up,” Mr Ford predicted. “Organised crime in our domestic market will happen. All they are looking at is the bottom line and the dirty dollar.”

But Mr Ford, whose electorate takes in part of the Kimberley and Pilbara, said crimes in the fishing industry did not have to be organised and sophisticated to do serious damage.

He described what happened at 80 Mile Beach as the worst abuse he had seen in more than three years as minister. He was so irate at the senseless waste he took the matter to Cabinet.

“As soon as I saw those photographs my response to the department was to say ‘this guy’s not fishing any more, is he?’” Mr Ford said.

“It was so bad it could have affected the whole of the WA market. If you talk about how upset people get when the occasional idiot kicks a quokka on Rottnest, then there would have been outrage about this. These guys can wipe out whole species and they don’t give a rat’s about it.”

Bruce Gould, one of the two men who operated separate threadfin salmon licences on 80 Mile Beach, is now driving a truck in Port Hedland after Mr Ford took away his $150,000 fishing licence last April. The other licence belonged to well-known commercial Broome fisherman Milton Comino. Both blamed men working at the camps when the shark and sawfish carcasses were found.

“I told them not to catch sharks and fin them,” Mr Gould said. “When I was on the nets, I would sell 90 per cent of what I caught, including the sharks.

“These blokes went down there and thought they’d make good money out of finning the sharks, but they were too lazy to bury the trunks and started leaving them lying on the beach. Along comes this bloke in a helicopter followed by Fisheries officers who found the dead sawfish near Milton’s camp and that just nailed it.”

One of the men alleged to have caught and finned the sharks left WA for the Northern Territory, making the department’s investigation more difficult. A department spokesman said yesterday the inquiry was ongoing and that no information about the case would be released at this stage.

Mr Ford said it would be a major disappointment if no further legal action was taken. It would send the wrong message to more organised groups who saw WA as a soft target.

The department, which recently lost its chief executive and two senior fisheries officers to a corruption scandal, said it was well-placed to deal with crime gangs setting up blackmarket operations here.

Last year, the department worked with WA Police to smash an abalone poaching operation with links to the Eastern States.

This is the bit that interested me!

The department, which recently lost its chief executive and two senior fisheries officers to a corruption scandal,

Yep, Former Fisheries CEO Peter Rogers, and 2 senior Fisheries Officers - in a corruption scandal!

See - vindicated publicly!

Heres something else the papers aren't telling you....

Theres a damn site more than just those 3 clowns, still involved in "offical corruption" within Fisheries WA!

How come we haven't seen any publicity about these 3 and how / why they were involved and what they were involved in?

Isn't it in the public Interest to know?

What about the previous Fisheries Ministers Fords secreary / advisor who was caught in the Shelly Archer Affair CCC bugging transcripts of Burke and Grills office and homes - being offered the ministers seat in pre selection by Burke in return for allowing Burke to alter legislation approved by CEO Rogers, before it was sent to caucus to vote on and pass?

Surely he will be charged with official corruption too?

What about the Fisheries Officer who is in a long term defacto relationship with the Female WAFIC (WA Fishing Industry Council) lobbyist?....

Surely theres a conflict of interest there too?

Facts are Fisheries Dept WA is rotten to the core - with only a few good men left who aren't corrupt.

Time for a damn good house cleanng of staff at Fisheries WA!

When the rots started form the top of the barrel and permeated it's way down, as it has in this case, - there's a good argument for tossing the whole barrel and starting again!

At least anglers and the public could have some little vestige of faith again in ther public service departments.

As it is - there is no faith left, by those of us in the know!

Big changes are needed, lets hope the new Fisheries Minister Norman Moore is up to the challenge that faces him with most of his departments staff tainted by the corruption that's been so endemic in Fisheries WA, for so many years!.

Will the new broom sweep clean? - One can only hope!.

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ahhhhhhhh men

Post by rusty » Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:01 am

Well Islander again you have hit the nail on the head.
what you have just written only allays my fears last year and the year before when the last minister with the bad car makers name was in power :lol: :lol: :lol:
some of my mates down this aways and myself saw last years decisions as only the tip of the iceburg, the saddest thing is most of the really big damage is done over the horizon out sight where joe amatuer dont see it, back in the late eightys i worked on a trawler fish trawling the nth west shelf, 3 hr shots @ 3-4 knots in say 100m plus waters & at that time 5 boats i believe it now is still 5 boats, 25 ton per week of scale fish declared per boat god knows how much bye catch ie small nth west snappers and most lutjanid species crushed and shovelled back overboard for the sharks and dolphins and why you ask, because australia being a charter member of the united nations cannot stop a foreign entity from exploiting there fish stocks unless they themselves are doing so, this means that our guys ousted the chinese pair trawlers in the eightys and the tiawanese in the 60s&70s, both i might add were catching far more than our guys, the chinese catch rates were in the vicinity of 100000 kgs of red fish fillit per 24 hr day off broome, this statistic is fact as my bro in law was a fisheries observer on board one of the (factory trawlers) boats for nearly 12 mths, the then fiseries guy based in port hedland was not allowed near these trawlers etc and the actuall catch figures were at that time hush hush so up north you guys are only seeing a minute % of the available red emperors that used to be there, by the way speak to gary fortescue in broome, he knows the figures.
in the eightys it was worth $1m per calender year for the chinese to fish the shelf, which the funds were distributed to state and federal coffers :evil: at no time did the governments of the day consider the effects of over fishing etc. ironically the thern minister was gorden hill of firepower fame which i believe is under scrutiny from the accc, funny how these things happen aye and these personages all seem to wear the same caps :lol: :lol: :lol:
anyways am lieing here full of morphine as i stabbed my self pretty severley yesterday and punctured an artery, now am pondering what to do with the 75kgs of iqf mulies i bought a couple weeks ago from the local mulie fisherman because now i am an illegal, also i have approx 15 kgs of choice king goerge whiting and nannagia fillets and lets hope the 2 cartons of king prawns that the dragon just bought back from pwerth wont enter into the fray :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
I live with fear sometimes she lets me go fishing!!!!!!!!

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