F100 mishap at the Safety Bay Boat Ramp

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F100 mishap at the Safety Bay Boat Ramp

Post by Bob Fisher » Fri Mar 07, 2008 11:59 pm

F100 mishap at the Safety Bay Boat Ramp

I took these pics back in the seventies at the Safety Bay Boat Ramp in Western Australia...

This guy had a brand spanking new Ford F100 Customline 4WD and a brand new boat!

The Safety Bay 'boat ramp' was a small piece of concrete that went out into the shallows off the beach. The parking lot (car park?) was backed up so I just sat in the boat and waited for the crowd to diminish - or I cleaned my fish or something...

This guy got frustated or impatient and just reversed his F100 and his trailer out off the beach and into the water, south of the ramp. He then pulled the boat up onto the trailer, put his vehicle in gear and sank into the sand. This is when the swearing started...

The tide proceeded to come in and his vehicle was firmly stuck with saltwater coming into the cab through the doors. The swearing got louder and the blame was directed at his mates and anybody who stood in his path or came close to him. I was crouching down in my boat taking pics just over the gunwhale, trying not to be noticed...

A tow truck is called and arrives... It Gets Worse!!!

The tow truck driver hooks a winch strap (or cable) and chain to the F100 and starts to winch it in... The strap breaks somewhere at the tow truck end and the whole thing goes flying back towards the F100 and smashes the grille and the radiator in...

Needless to say tempers really flared...
F100-MISHAP-PHOTO-06.jpg Bob Fisher Photo Copyright SportfishWorld
F100-MISHAP-PHOTO-06.jpg (23.68 KiB) Viewed 3966 times
F100-MISHAP-PHOTO-05.jpg Bob Fisher Photo Copyright SportfishWorld
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F100-MISHAP-PHOTO-04.jpg Bob Fisher Photo Copyright SportfishWorld
F100-MISHAP-PHOTO-04.jpg (26.87 KiB) Viewed 3967 times
F100-MISHAP-PHOTO-03.jpg Bob Fisher Photo Copyright SportfishWorld
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F100-MISHAP-PHOTO-02.jpg Bob Fisher Photo Copyright SportfishWorld
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F100-MISHAP-PHOTO-01.jpg Bob Fisher Photo Copyright SportfishWorld
F100-MISHAP-PHOTO-01.jpg (33.53 KiB) Viewed 3967 times
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