Competition Rules - Target Angler

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Competition Rules - Target Angler

Post by Leith Larham » Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:48 am


COST. Every financial member of the Club may fish this competition.
NOMINATION. Anglers do not need to nominate to fish this competition.
TIME. Anglers may fish and weigh fish at any time (in relation to the weighing of fish, it must be within reason, contact Weigh Master).
RECORDING CAPTURES. Official weigh sheet must be signed by the Angler and the Weigh Master (availible from the weighmaster).
BOUNDARIES. Anglers must fish within 100 nautical miles of the Port Hedland Harbour.
RULES. GFAA rules and regulations will apply for this competition.
Anglers can only weigh one of each nominated species on each nominated line class.
The weight of the nominated species must equal or exceed the line class used for that capture.
NOMINATED SPECIES. Only fish of the following species will be accepted for weighing.
Barramundi, Mackerel, Queenfish, Mulloway, Trevally, Tuna, Salmon, Cobia, Barracuda and shark.
Once an angler decided to record a fish for this competition, if they continue fishing and capture a larger fish this can not be
substituted for the original fish caught.

Points will be allocated on the following system.
Weight of fish x 100
Line Class.
Eg; 4kg fish caught on 4 kg line = 100 points, 6kg fish caught on 4 kg line = 150 points.

Once a fish is weighed the angler can not weigh another fish of that species on that line class.
Where a species has numerous members the angler can only weigh one fish for that species.

At the conclusion of the 2006 / 2007 season the angler with the highest number of total points will be declared
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