2007 Bluewater Classic results

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2007 Bluewater Classic results

Post by Leith Larham » Thu Oct 04, 2007 12:39 pm

This years Bluewater Classic was well supported with over 35 boats and record numbers in the land based division, in fact the tournament has had its greatest participation by anglers since the tournaments inception. There was some fantastic fish caught, the largest fish weighing in at 29.4kg a Spanish Mackerel caught by Richard Leetarran being a highlight. The participation by the juniors this years was also at record numbers and again some good fish weighed.

Here are the overall standings this years Bluewater Classic.

Gamefishing –

Champion Angler Male – Martin Humphrey’s 2208 points

Champion Angler Junior – Mitchell Boult 285.8 points

Champion Boat – Reel Screamer 6401 points, Anglers Leith Larham / Jake O’Brien / Martin Humphreys

Champion Angler Tag & Release – Brett Thompson 1600 points

Champion Boat Tag & Release – Team Thomo 3000 points, Anglers Brett Thompson / Roger Spera / Brent Robinet

Highest point scoring Gamefish – Jake O’Brien 18.2kg Spanish Mackerel on 3kg line for 606.67 points

Bluewater Open –

Champion Angler Male – Mark Savey 62.2kg

Champion Angler Female – Sam Sankey 26.0kg

Champion Angler Junior – Jessie Tom 21.8kg

Runner up Champion Junior Angler – James Smith 17.8kg

Champion Boat – Team State Wide Access 178.8kg. Anglers Rob Smith / Mick Jeffs / Nelson Jeffs / Corey Woodward

Bluewater Dingy –

Champion Angler – Darren Thelan 14.0kg

Champion Junior Angler – Jackson Thelan 12.2kg

Champion Boat – Good Karma 35.0kg. Anglers Darren Thelan / Jed Grebert / Jackson Thelan

Landbased –

Champion Male Angler – Dylan Edmonds 5.4kg

Champion Female Angler – Kim Ochsner 2.8kg

Champion Junior Angler – Locky Beswick 5.6kg

Runner up Champion Junior Angler – Carl Beswick 0.6kg

Heaviest Trevally – “TIE” Corey Woodward 10.6kg Giant Trevally
George Jones 10.6kg Golden Trevally
Heaviest Mackerel – Richard Leetarran 29.4kg Spanish Mackerel
Heaviest Reef Fish – Janice Wallace 7.0kg Red Emperor
Heaviest Salmon - Jed Grebert 1.2kg Blue Nose Salmon
Heaviest Mangrove Jack - Tubs 1.2kg Mangrove Jack
Heaviest Bream - Dylan Edmonds 1.0kg Yellow Tail Bream
Heaviest Mud Crab – Tubs 185mm across the body.

Next years is set to be even bigger with support from sponsors already coming in.

Thank you too all our sponsors for their support without it this tournament would not be possible.

Pilbara Boats and Bikes Pilbara Motor Group North West Telegraph Harvey Norman North West Angler BHP Billiton Iron Ore Total Electrical Communication Services (TECS) Quintrex Mercury Hummingbird Shimano QAL Refrigeration CBC – Consolidated Bearing Company Veolia Environmental Services Fusion Monadelphous Port Hedland Port Authority Panas contracting Vathjunker Contractors N&L Transport Birla Nifty Statewide Access.

Thank you also to all the anglers who fished the tournament and we hope to see you all again plus all your friends next year. Keep your eyes posted on the pic section of our web page as i will be posting pics in the near future.

Regards Leith .
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Post by Mullaking » Fri Oct 05, 2007 12:01 pm

I really wanted to be in the comp this year but unfortunately not to be. Your doing a fantastic job as usual Leith. Good to see the increased support for the club.

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Post by barra_on_fly » Sun Oct 07, 2007 4:59 am

Mullaking wrote:I really wanted to be in the comp this year but unfortunately not to be. Your doing a fantastic job as usual Leith. Good to see the increased support for the club.

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