Shark Deterents and Safer Beaches

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Shark Deterents and Safer Beaches

Post by Ross Compe » Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:37 am

Results of Shark deterents for safer Perth beaches have been made public with interesting and a surprising outcome for many.
A declining world wide crash in White Pointer Shark numbers amid the tragedy of loss in human life in populated areas. Government has a responsibility to ensure public safety from dangerous sea creatures and that is enshrined within legislation.
Amid a emotional outcry from a minority of the public shark deterents have been empolyed along the Western Australian metropolitan coastline.
We have suffered no further fatal shark attacks witin these areas and no White Pointer Sharks appear in the catch result released by local media.
I am delighted to see long overdue measures in place to ensure public safety remain as the number one priority for all water enthusiasts.
Deterents included drum baiting,eco nets,fisheries management and intervention and further funding and satelite tagging and research grants.
The survey and catch result data of 110 Sharks and 10 species include a startling 105 Tiger Sharks with most around 1.5 metres in length.
Metropolitan statistics by location are as follows. Mullaloo 14,Scarborough 9,Floreat 20 and Leighton 13.
The above statistics do not include country and unfortunately we have suffered further fatal and near fatal attacks in regional areas as these become more populated and warnings remain unheeded.
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