Photos of Zap's Rat Ravenswood Western Australia

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Photos of Zap's Rat Ravenswood Western Australia

Post by Bob Fisher » Thu Nov 22, 2007 3:54 am

Photos of Zap's Rat Ravenswood Western Australia

Zap's Rat?

I took this photo (circa 1980's) at Ravenswood International Raceway, Western Australia...

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re: Zaps Rat Photos Ravenswood!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by rusty » Sun Nov 25, 2007 12:21 am

Wow, cool picks bob that would be late eighties i would say as zap was the first a/gasser to go 7secs and the then first to go 6secs as well, he then went 6.7s in aa/p as well aound the same time, from there they went blown door slammer, which is now a proffesional catorgory here in ozz, there are approx 25 doorslammers in ozz and they vi for the national championship at mostly three strips, those being kwinana motorplex, western sydney, and willowbank in Qld, the current record holder is John Zappia at 5.92 secs and i believe Victor Bray for speed at 248mph, Zap was the first into the 7s then the 6s then the fives, in the states they are called pro mods, an ex pat aussie who used to drive for Victor bray is now over there.
He had a serious prang doing a burnout recently as you may remember, troy something, name escapes me.
In ozz we are the leaders as far as development go's in this class.
which is good for ozz dragracing, i am going on the 30th of nov as its a big meet for doorslammers and top fuel bikes etc.

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