Tofino B.C. Salmon and Halibut Fishing update for May 15th

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Tofino B.C. Salmon and Halibut Fishing update for May 15th

Post by Tofinofish » Mon May 18, 2009 2:30 pm

May 15th Sport Fishing update Tofino/Clayoquot Sound B.C.

With recent weather patterns providing a day to day mix of all types, springtime conditions may be a little delayed, but not totally abnormal.
Also a little later than normal, the Tofino sport fishing conditions and opportunities for Chinook Salmon and Halibut were slowed a bit by the mixed weather conditions, as well as the anticipated wait for the first strong runs of transient Chinook Salmon heading south past the coastline of Clayoquot Sound. The springtime waiting game is over on many fronts, with timely indicators prevalent in many areas both on land and sea. During the same time that local Cherry trees blossom, and the Black bears roam the hillsides and beaches in search of their spring forage, there are also many ocean indicators that help notify anglers that the “Spring Season” is upon us. Local Fishermen know the Salmon are here or near when current indicators at sea are so obvious. Acres upon acres of Krill or Plankton a short distance offshore have created massive clouds of the nutrient rich base food source for most local aquatic species. Amazing numbers of Humpback whales, marine mammals and birds, as well as aggressively feeding Chinook salmon, Halibut and various other fish species are currently enjoying one of nature’s best spring-time offerings. On a very positive note, there have been reports from many areas of the coast that the plankton abundance is extremely strong, supporting many marine species.
Over the past week in the Tofino/ Clayoquot Sound area, Chinook salmon fishing has increased dramatically, with consistent action and catches for those to enjoy the best tasting salmon of the season. Most Chinook Salmon have been caught offshore from Tofino approximately 4-6 miles, while trolling near clouds of bait like the pre-mentioned Plankton, as well schools of commonly abundant Needlefish. On the tougher weather days, the salmon fishing inshore has been very good as well, with spots very near Tofino harbour, creating close and reliable option. The offshore areas for Salmon fishing have also been hot spots for Halibut fishing, with many Halibut being caught while trolling for Salmon. To catch Halibut this way is not uncommon, especially when trolling with baits like Anchovies or Herring near the bottom. Coho Salmon are also starting to show up, with these likely being the start of the Columbia River summer run of Coho that is anticipated to be extremely strong over the next three to Four months.

With nature serving up a mixed bag of weather as we approach summer, it is much easier to take with the great fishing we have been waiting for, and the great fishing forecast ahead for the 2009 season.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details and information for your next fishing adventure in the Tofino area.
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Paul from Calgary with a nice early season Chinook Salmon caught near Tofino B.C.
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