FISHING REPORT from Tofino, Vancouver Island B.C.

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Clayoquot Ventures

FISHING REPORT from Tofino, Vancouver Island B.C.

Post by Clayoquot Ventures » Mon Feb 20, 2006 9:17 pm

Imagine Salmon fishing on Vancouver Island’s west coast. For many of
us, the most prominent images that come to mind are blue skies, calm
waters, and big bright, hard fighting Chinook Salmon. Most people would
associate these thoughts with the summer months of July and August, the
peak of the fishing season for coastal British Columbia.
Not often these same fishy thoughts are associated with the month of
February, especially during the winter on Vancouver Island’s normally
wild west coast. When you consider that many people currently visiting
the area are hoping to witness the violence of the season’s last winter
storms, while staying warm and cozy in local resort rooms, cabins or
beach homes, they were not expecting the great weather we experienced this past weekend in Tofino, B.C.
Though it is not very common timing, I believe that this past weekend
could be considered the real start of the Salmon fishing season in the
Tofino area. Calm seas and clear skies that would rival most days in
the summer, along with Chinook salmon fishing that would make any angler smile, Feb 18th was one such a day!
After a short trip past the resorts and beaches of Tofino’s protected
waterways, we cruised to the southern tip of Vargas Island, and set our
trolling gear at depths of 32-48 ft. deep. Locally known as the Moser
500, this small, but productive area for salmon fishing near Tofino,
provided all we could imagine. Sunshine, calm water, clear skies, stunning
views of the majestic snow capped coastal mountains, and Salmon, big
bright Chinook salmon. After fishing the area for an hour and a half, we
were more than satisfied with landing 2 Chinook Salmon approx. 20 lbs.
each, and losing one other. Sharing this early season experience with
my 7 year old son was fantastic, considering that he helped choose and
tie the productive gear for the days outing.
After the fish were cared for, the boat was all scrubbed down, and the
gear was rinsed and put away, we took some time to check out the
digital images captured on this great early season fishing trip. We were sure glad to capture these memories of the start of Tofino salmon season, as I’m sure there will be numerous years to come, where the winds and rain of mid February will only allow for dreaming about great days like this.
Now open for the 2006 season, the Clayoquot Ventures Guide Team is
excited to host private groups for half or full day trips on the waters of
Tofino/Clayoquot Sound. Just around the corner is the great option of
combining the pursuit of Chinook salmon and Halibut on the same outing.
Steelhead season is also in full swing for Vancouver Island’s west
draining rivers. Check out all these great options at

or call us toll free at 1-888-5FISHBC.

Tofino B.C. Vancouver Island Fishing for Salmon, Halibut, Steelhead and
Chinook Salmon
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