Advice (or Deckie availability)

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Advice (or Deckie availability)

Post by Bargey » Thu Nov 13, 2008 2:03 am

Deckies Available

Me and a mate are heading up to Hedland for work next week, and are keen to make the most of Thur evening and having Friday off to do some land-based fishing. At this stage, I was planning for us to possibly hit FI Boat Ramp (throw around some lures and SPs), Spoil Bank (throw a ballon out and see what comes up), and possibly into the channel from the eastern side of FI.

Any advice that locals or recent passers through could offer on the above (or other recommended spots) would be most welcome... We'll have a 4wd to get around, but we don't want to go to locations that are too gnarly given 4wd experience is not what you'd call advanced by any stretch.

Even better :lol: would be if anyone reading this (or others you might know) might be heading out on a boat on Friday (weather permitting)...hitting some markers or something offshore is something we'd love to do, we just don't have the contacts yet to co-ordinate it. We are very happy to pay share of costs if any are willing to help some city folk live the dream...

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