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Subaru 4WD

Post by Ross Compe » Sun Oct 16, 2011 2:56 am

Its been a long time since Subaru entered the 4WD market in Australia.Originally powered by 1400c engines in a station wagon style format and later 1600c and later 1800cc.
They changed forever the 4WD market in Western Australia with many families opting to compromise their street transport to accomodate a weekend away that allowed access to beach fishing.
Prior to the advent of these economical vehicles the recreational 4WD market was confined to Landrover,Nissan and Toyota.
I can remember in the late 70's when a return trip from Bluff Creek to compete in angling competitions held over a long weekend was costing club members over three hundred dollars.
Even more interesting to note was the logistics of carrying large quantities of fuel to remote locations creating its own problems.
Subarus and other light 4WD's popularity exploded within
angling clubs,4WD clubs and eventually the Subaru 4WD club became a reality.
Soaring fuel costs and long distances encountered by serious anglers saw the mighty Subaru everywhere.
Anglers began to modify them to suit their requirements and low ground clearance and the absence of low range meant you really had to drive these vehicles differently to larger more conventional 4WD's.
We really pushed these machines way beyond their intended
use and I took mine everywhere.
The Subaru depicted in the attached photograph was my first 4WD and was affectionately refered to as the green slug.
I have been fortunate enough to enjoy some other more
luxurious vehicles since but the Subaru certainly accounted for more than its fair share of fish back in those days.
Usually we would travel in the company of at least one other larger 4WD and it was a lot of fun and cheap as well.
This was a 1976 Subaru fitted with a 1600cc motor.I optioned it back then with air shocks,13 inch offroad wheels,
high profile tyres,roo and tow bars and spotlights.
Hitching the trailer complete with a 300 litre freezer and generator and nothing seemed impossible.
Three days of 4WD on the beach and 600 mile return road trip for around a third of the fuel costs of some of its competitors.
A blast from the past and a whole of fun for beginners and smart fishos competing with high fuel prices.
They certainly wont go anywhere but just about if you know how to use them.
With high fuel prices again limiting many Perth anglers weekend adventures,light 4WD's are again regaining popularity.
:) :) :)
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