Toyota Landcruiser Wagon

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Toyota Landcruiser Wagon

Post by Ross Compe » Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:04 pm

This is a photo of a Toyota Landcruiser Wagon that I owned for 17 years. I purchased the vehicle when it was about 18 months old with the speedo showing about 60000 kms.
It was a 1984 model and was powered by a 4.2 petrol engine. It had aluminium side steps,roo/brush bars,tow bar and offroad tyres and wheels.
I added a buit in engine air compresser fitted by Opposite Lock added roof racks,halogen spotlights gas shockies and had a 2 piece vinyl covered custom mattress fitted.
Diesel was very popular at the time due to a big increase in the cost of petrol.
Auto gas in anything other than taxis was relativley rare and retailed around 21 cents a litre.
My father in law,at the time, was a director of the Ravenswood International Raceway and both John and Keith who operated drag racing in Western Australia at the time were converting vehicles to auto gas.
Tyler was doing a V12 Jaguar and John a Holden Statesman.
Titanium valves went in the Statesman and later a Mitsubishi Pajero owned by Rick Maciejak.
The higher temperatures produced by gas and its characteristics were sometimes blamed for valve problems over an extended period and high mileage. The Jaguar did suffer valve problems unlike the Statesman and Pajero.
I opted to save the expense of titanium and instead put my faith into that heavy duty standard Toyo 6 cylinder engine.
Gas conversions were almost the exclusive property of Kleen Heat,Myaree during that time and I remember the expression on the workshop conversion team members face when I told him I was going to operate dual fuel and go with a auto gas coversion on a Cruiser.
Believe it or not it was one of the first Landcruisers to be converted. The rear wheel carrier enabled us to remove the existing petrol tand and replace it with a 80 litre gas tank and therefore not compromise the interior.
A new petrol belly tank of 100 litres went underneath and eliminated the requirement of jerry cans.
Fully loaded it gave me a range of around 900kms depending on the percentage of 4WD involved.
I used gas around town and for most highway work and would generally go to petrol offroad.
Gas was fine for offroad as well but the power for really tough,soft beach work was best on petrol.
I owned the the Landcruiser for 17 years and did over 470,000 kms on gas.
It was a really practical,reliable and very comfortable way to travel and fish.
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