Tassal Proposed Atlantic Salmon Hatchery

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Tassal Proposed Atlantic Salmon Hatchery

Post by Ross Compe » Wed Oct 30, 2019 5:51 am

Tassal is seeking council approval for their 46 million dollar investment in the proposed Atlantic Salmon Hatchery in Tasmania.
Some opposition by local farmers and environmentalists due to noise,biosecurity and possible effects on the water discharge treatment at nearby Lake Meadows are being addressed.
Atlantic Salmon were introduced in Tasmania in 1864 and Trout a little earlier in 1841 with tremendous success.
The island enjoys a enviable reputation for Brown and Rainbow Trout and Salmon.
Investment and employment are key issues in the state and I welcome this type of technology and opportunity.
Wild Abalone stocks are of concern to everyone with the reduction in the size of the quotas the only real issue.
Alternate industry interests in the region have already indicated their intentions.
Lets hope a resolution between industry,local residents and council approval will follow sooner rather than to later.
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