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Fishing Devonport and Point Sorell

Post by Ross Compe » Tue Nov 26, 2019 4:07 am

Fantastic history and angling for keen fishos in and around Devonport and Point Sorell perhaps combined with the Devonport Royal Show held this week on November 29. 8) 8) 8)
George Bass and Mathew Flinders sailed along the coast in 1798 and yet failed to note the Mersey River on Tasmanias northern coastline.
In 1823 Captain Charles Hardwicke reported the river that was first known as Second Western River and the estuary settlement was to become Port Frederick after Governor Arthur's son.
In 1890 the towns of Formby on the west bank of the Mersey and Torquay on the east bank of the river merged and became Devonport the youngest of Tasmania's five cities.
This modern city is the car and passenger-ferry terminal for travellers crossing Bass Strait from Port Philip Bay and a busy cargo and air port.
Industry included textile,timber mills,metal fabrication and dairy. :!: :!:
Quoiba close by was the home of the famous Ovaltine drink product. :shock:
Mersey Bluff was the the home for aboriginal people who hunted and fished this stretch of coastline for thousands of years before europeans arrived.
'Tiagarra'-a aboriginal word said to mean keep - is the Tasmanian Aboriginal Arts Centre situated on Mersey Bluff where nearby rock carvings and patterns and objects are displayed from the landscape.
'Home Hill' was built for the former Prime Minister Joseph Lyons and his wife Enid,in 1916. Dame Enid was one of the first two women members of the House of Representatives. :!:
Devonport is located on Tasmanias north coast and is 98 kms west of Launceston.
The attachment features some of the local angling hot spots as well as a handy locality guide.
Most common species encounted here in what is the waters of the shores and sea of Bass Strait are Austalian Salmon,Pike,Whiting,Cod and Flathead.
Hope you have enjoyed the read.
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